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Securus utilizes its 50+ years of experience in Health, Safety, Environmental, Security, and Quality (HSESQ) to help businesses and organizations with COVID-19 Risk Management. When applying a systems and risk-based approach to COVID-19 response, employee safety remains a core value as business and organizational needs are met.

How we can help:

  • COVID-19 Testing & Contact Tracing (services)
  • COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan Development/Implementation
  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment & Auditing
  • COVID-19 Decontamination Procedural Development/Implementation
  • COVID-19 Response Training
  • Pandemic, Emergency & Business Continuity Plan Development


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COVID-19 and H&OP

Human and Organizational Performance, also referred to as H&OP, is a risk-based approach to protecting assets through error management and the building/strengthening of defenses. When we integrate a process-based approach to how employees perform their work tasks, we can best protect their health and safety, as well as the other important assets of an organization, such as product quality, supply chain services, compliance and brand image.

To successfully integrate a risk-based approach into your business, there are five basic principles that you need to commit to. These principles are as follows:

  1. People make errors and error is not a choice, it is part of the human condition.
  2. Situations and activities where error is likely to occur are predictable.
  3. Human actions and behaviors are influenced by the system in which they operate.
  4. Operational upsets and unwanted results can be avoided.
  5. How we respond to failure and human error is important.

During these ever-changing times you need to focus on what is important, and that is your employees and business assets. Human error and drift from required COVID-19 Health and Safety plans, management practices, operational rules, and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, will occur and you need to be prepared to respond.

Securus takes the risk-based principles of Human and Organizational Performance and integrates them into your management systems and business work practices to give you the confidence you are in the best position to respond to COVID-19.

Do not leave your employees’ health and safety and business results vulnerable to the risk of COVID-19. Trust Securus to use Human and Organizational Performance to give you the confidence you are best prepared and protected.


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