Securus, LLC is a Risk Management firm that applies a systems based approach to the core services of Environmental, Health and Safety consulting.

By integrating the principles of Human and Organizational Performance, or H&OP, into an organization’s systems and operational structure, we can manage and reduce human error at the critical points to protect assets and optimize performance.

COVID-19 Risk Management

Securus utilizes its 50+ years of experience in Health, Safety, Environmental, Security, and Quality (HSESQ) to help businesses and organizations with COVID-19 Risk Management. When applying a systems and risk-based approach to COVID-19 response, employee safety remains a core value as business and organizational needs are met.

How we can help:

  • COVID-19 Testing & Contact Tracing (services)
  • COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan Development/Implementation
  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment & Auditing
  • COVID-19 Decontamination Procedural Development/Implementation
  • COVID-19 Response Training
  • Pandemic, Emergency & Business Continuity Plan Development
Factory woman worker or technician with hygienic mask stand with confident action with her co-worker  as background.

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