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On May 5th, 2021, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the New York Health and Essential Rights Act (“HERO Act”) into law. The HERO Act adds two new sections to the New York Labor Law: Section 218-b, which requires employers to establish prevention plans for airborne infectious diseases; and Section 27-d, which requires employers to allow employees to form “workplace safety committees.”

All employers are required to develop and implement an airborne infectious disease control plan that establishes minimum requirements for preventing the exposure to and spread of such diseases. The State will publish a model plan that includes the following topics (1) employee health screenings; (2) face coverings; (3) personal protective equipment (PPE) required by industry and at the employer’s expense; (4) hand hygiene; (5) cleaning and disinfecting of shared work equipment and surfaces (i.e. telephones and doorknobs); (6) social distancing protocols; (7) mandatory or precautionary isolation or quarantine orders; (8) engineering controls; (9) assignment of enforcement responsibility of the safety plan and federal, state, and local protocols to one or more supervisory employees; (10) compliance with employee notice requirements; and (11) verbal review of standards, policies and employee rights.”

How we can help:

  • Development and implementation of Airborne Infectious Disease Prevention Control Plans
  • Certified industrial hygienist and safety professionals who are well versed in workplace risk management and program implementation
  • Medical physicians who specialize in infectious disease control
  • Strategic and tactical workplace safety committee support
  • Auditing of Airborne Infectious Disease Prevention Control Plans
  • Employee training on Airborne Infectious Disease Prevention Control Plans

Factory woman worker or technician with hygienic mask stand with confident action with her co-worker  as background.